August 9, 2010

LRW Creative: DIY Baby Headband and Giveaway!

*update Nov. 2011 - this year this headband tutorial was chosen for Babble's Holiday Gift Guide! I am not sure who recommended it but thanks, whoever you are! I'd love it those of you who've made some headbands would link up with some photos, I'd love to see what you came up with ;) Cheers, Tysha.

I think I warned you I was going to be adding more than just sneak peeks to my blog? Well, here is the first project I would like to share...a little do-it-yourself project that will make somebody very happy, and undoubtedly very cute!

Ever since having a daughter, I have been obsessed with making her little "girly" things. Which is sort of against my nature, since I was always more the "tomboy" type growing up. But I guess that's what happens when you get a sewing machine for Christmas and then have a baby girl around. At least, to me!

For those of you who don't have a baby around, you can also use this tutorial to make a grown-up version. This whole idea started, in fact, as I've been planning our outfits for an upcoming event and wanted us to coordinate but not completely match. I decided to make ties for the boys (perhaps I'll share how that turns out later!) and headbands for the girls. So this is for girls, young and old! And if you're not a fan of headbands, feel free to use the rosette as an embellishment to pin onto a sweater, jacket, purse, shoes, or tea towel. Whatever you wish! I'm personally kinda obsessed with rosettes these days.

Glue Gun & small glue sticks
Fabric - small strips about an inch wide and 12-18 inches long
Ribbon to add a little sass, if you like or
Ribbon to cover adult headband (I used a fine velvet ribbon)
Stretchy elastic or ribbon for baby headband
Plain Metal headband for adult headband

Here we go:
1. Cut circles out of the felt. One to glue the fabric to, and another matching circle to be the backing once you glue it to the headband.
2. Tie a knot on one end of the strip of fabric.
3. Glue it to the middle of one of the circles.
4. Start twisting the fabric and simultaneously glueing it around the knot and forming a circle until the circle is covered with fabric.
WARNING: be careful of your fingers and the hot glue!

5. Glue end to back side of circle. Cut any remaining fabric.
6. Glue elastic to circle, or glue circle to metal headband at a decent location. For the adult headband, you will probably want to try it on to find the best placement before you blue the rosette on. (note: I used 3 rosettes of various sizes for the adult headband, you can do whatever suits your fancy).
7. For baby headband - after you glue the elastic on, then glue your second circle on the backside to cover the elastic and make it nice and soft since it will be next to baby's head.
8. If you want to add a little something "extra" like I did, just tie a knot in some fun ribbon and snip both ends. Then glue in between the circles.

9. Finish placing and gluing the circles/rosettes to the elastic or metal headband.
10. Wear it to a party! Or just around the house to feel pretty on a dreary gray Seattle day (which is what I did - my oh my what is up with our weather this summer?)

Here I am, showing off the adult version. Not the best picture, but you get the idea...

This is what I do on dreary days when my kids are napping and it's dark inside and out in the middle of August to keep myself from going crazy dreaming about 80 degrees and the beach (which is where I should be this time of year, right!?!)

This model is showing off the baby headband. Isn't she cute?

AND for those of you who would rather NOT make something like this, I made an extra to give away! So now's your chance to score a free baby headband that someone else had to burn their fingers to make! Hooray!

How to enter:

Anyone can enter. Win a headband for your own baby, or a niece or a friend's baby or as a gift. All you have to do is leave a comment telling me something you LOVE about summer. Yep, it's that easy. Winner will be drawn randomly and Wednesday of next week. Be sure to leave me your email so I can get ahold of the winner, or make sure and check back in case it's YOU!

Deadline for entry is Monday, August 16th.

Good Luck!


hair accessories said...

I love the photos of your little model, she's so pretty with the headband. Anyway, thanks for sharing tutorial. I will give this a try. :)

Sophia Harcourt Photography said...

This is the best diy I came across! I am not the most creative on my own or I see to many options I like, I don't know. Anyway I just gone making 2 headbands for a newborn I am photographing tomorrow. I will post a link to my blog when I have the images up from the shoot. Thanks so much!

Vanessa said...

So cute! The thing I love most about summertime is SWIMMING. I live in HOT Arizona so we practically live in the pool during summertime.

Elow23 said...

Such a great dyi headband! Love it and your photography!

Proud Mama said...

LOVE! The best thing about summer is being able to spend more time with my daughter. Schedules are crazy during the school year and I welcome and enjoy a little time to slow down & spend some quality time together.

Achi said...

Your baby is so beautiful and so does the headband very cute..,

Brandy said...

That is such a great idea! I love DIY styles although I don't have alot of time for it. The things I love about summer is the sun shining down on you and the smell of sun tan lotion. The sound of waves crashing on the rocks and family bbqs. Clear blue water with whales jumping out. Surfing and tanning, palm trees swaying, and air conditioning times in the house. Btw I live in Maui,Hawaii. so its basically summer all the time here (:

Brandy said...

I love this idea. I love DIY crafts although I never have time for them/: anyways what I love about summertime is the sun shining down on me, the smell of sun tan lotion, and the waves crashing on the rocks. I love the fact that its a time for family BBQs and tanning, a time to surf and play. A time to crank up the air conditioning and music and just lose yourself (: by the way I live in Maui, Hawaii so this is pretty much all the time for me, I'm also a summer baby (: my email is